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Lapitec® Kitchen Worktops – PRECISION, PRESSURE, TIME

Lapitec Kitchen Worktops are produced using 100% natural minerals that can be found in granites and porcelain materials. These carefully selected minerals are then processed using sintering technology and machinery exclusively developed by Breton S.p.A.

The sintering process involves subjecting particles to very high heat and pressure in order to fuse minerals together. This process requires no binding agents helping to provide Lapitec with colour stability, recyclability and almost zero porosity.

The hardness of porcelain, the natural minerals from stone and the consistency of manufactured stone-without any of the resins.

A unique product now defined as a Sintered Stone, Lapitec is a supreme example of a construction material developed by employing advanced scientific manufacturing techniques.

It has only been possible to create such a material by obtaining the most highly refined natural constituents and by controlling the physical and chemical environment of aggregation and crystallisation during manufacture, to a degree not possible before.

Sintering happens naturally within mineral deposits. Lapitec have harnessed this phenomena, and it’s key within the manufacturing process. Precise pressure over a defined period of time causes the atoms in the materials to diffuse across the boundaries of the particles, fusing them together and creating one solid piece. The end result is a beautiful piece of material, which has colour stability, recyclability and zero porosity, which can be used in all aspects of interior and exterior design.


Lapitec provides the ideal surface material for use in the kitchen, as worktops, drawer and door fronts and flooring.

  • Bio Care technology provides the material with antibacterial properties making work surfaces clean and safe to use for food preparation
  • Lapitec is highly scratch resistant providing a hard working surface
  • Large format slabs allow for seamless design
  • The Lapitec colour range is created by natural pigments and therefore provides not only a very contemporary colour range but also some very natural colours, which are beautiful against traditional cabinetry


The technical properties of Lapitec provide ideal solutions for bathrooms, showers and wetroom design.

  • Lapitec is non porous and is therefore ideal for wet environments
  • The large format slabs provide the opportunity to create less joints and therefore a more watertight finish
  • Lapitec is available in finishes which have excellent slip resistance creating a safer floor surface when wet